Power BI Dashboard in a week

Power BI Dashboard in a week

For many customers data is the next frontier. Antheon builds innovative solutions for them using the Microsoft Azure Data Platform.

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Your business has lots of data. But how much value do you get from it?

Every business produces lots of data, be it through their financial, CRM, line of business or other software systems. When combined, analysed and visualised in the right way, this data can offer a valuable way to gain useful and actionable insights. Antheon’s Power BI Dashboard in a week offering delivers on this promise.


Many of today’s business decisions can benefit from insights that are hidden in their data. Creating those insights, by combining and visualising that data in the right way, is often perceived as a costly, time consuming effort.

Ideal solution

Antheon’s Power BI Dashboard in a week offers customers an affordable and quick way to discover the benefits of using Microsoft s powerful Data Analytics products. The results are immediately relevant and useful.

Desired outcomes

With our Power BI Dashboard in a week, customers will gain insights that can support some of their main business decisions. Quickly and at low cost, creating the ideal circumstances for taking the next steps in becoming truly data driven.

Power BI dashboard

Key Activities

Our Power BI Dashboard in a week comprises several key activities:

  • Set Goals and Requirements
  • Identify and Analyse Data sources
  • Define Power BI Model
  • Design & Discuss Power BI Desktop Report
  • Build and Verify Power BI Desktop Report
  • Present & Deliver
  • Identify next steps

Key Deliverables

Our Power BI Dashboard in a week comprises several key deliverables:

  • Established Goals & Requirements
  • Identified data sources where the necessary data resides
  • Power BI model
  • Power BI Desktop Report

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