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At Antheon we can do a lot with your company’s data. Whether it’s about visualizing it, making predictions and analyses based on it, or creating chatbots.


Streamlined billing process

Antheon helped us streamline our billing process by developing tools to better manage customer configuration data, as well as building the reports that allow us to analyze and get easier insights from that data. This led to a more optimized process that requires less human effort and results in more accurate and timely billing.

Maurice Nettesheim

BT Global Services

Head of Cloud Compute




English chatbot in Facebook Messenger

Antheon has helped us excellently with advice, development and management. One reason for us to choose Antheon, with an eye on future development and integration with other Microsoft systems such as Dynamics, was their experience with Microsoft technologies. Our chatbot, which we call Iris, performs well. Every day questions are answered from all over the world. If we want to take the next step with the bot, we will first call Antheon.

Martijn Pronk

Van Gogh Museum

Head of Digital Communication

Van Gogh Museum

Van Gogh Museum

Thanks to that, the bot is now able to respond to questions much faster, as well as providing answers outside of office hours.


Monitoring and visualisation

For RDW, the core register and its monitoring is of crucial importance. In recent years, Antheon has played an important role in the implementation and optimization of data visualization. In addition to alerting, this also involved visualisation of trends and dynamic monitoring of the core register and all systems around it. During a pleasant cooperation, in which we experienced a lot of flexibility from Antheon, there was a lot of time for coaching and knowledge transfer. As a result, we are now in an excellent position to continue our development independently.

Roland Römer


Product Owner Tooling for IT



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We see a future in your data!

At Antheon, we believe that the value of data increases if you translate it well into insights, conclusions and improvements. We are committed to helping organizations to make the company, its people and customers more valuable by doing exactly that. We work in an inquisitive, cooperative and progressive way, that leads to employees, customers and other parties achieving surprising results.


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